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Switching Timelines

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The transition from 2017 to 2018 felt like a relief for me. 2017 was a year that felt challenging from the beginning, not entirely bad, just a year that won’t be unicorns and rainbows. It started with all the hassle about the elections in the US, people were afraid of what’s to come, the tension was noticeable for everyone. One year ago I was in a completely different state mentally as well as spiritually and I want to explain why by diving a little deeper in the complexity of spirituality with you today.

What are timelines?

The concept of timelines can be very challenging and overwhelming for our linear human mind. Timelines are reference points in space and time that hold possibilities. Simply put, one timeline holds the positive outcome to situation X, another timeline holds the negative outcome to situation X. Now imagine all the endless possibilities between the positive outcome and the negative outcome as further timelines that simultaneously play out and you have a mere imagination of the vastness of possibilities for each situation you can think of. Since our souls are outside of time and space, they are multilocal and not bound to one timeline. An option out of all the outplaying possibilities that you choose not to experience in one timeline will play out in others of which you are currently not aware of. Basically, everything that’s possible is already happening but your soul will only consciously experience the options on your current timeline. This creates the illusion of a single, linear timeline for the soul while having a human experience. Consciousness/a soul is eternal, limitless and not earth bound. You most probably live other lives simultaneously to the one you are aware of now but the conscious link between these lives is missing, hence they don’t know about each other.

Collective timelines

Timelines can also be chosen collectively. If there is some big event, for example a political decision that will have influence on a certain country or even the whole world, all souls who will be affected by the outcome will collectively chose their timeline. Lets put it simple and imagine there are two different outcomes to a political situation, one leading to an improvement in economical and interpersonal matters, the other one leading to a world war. There might be people who are rather pessimistic and negative and who are living in fear, complaining about politics while feeling powerless and unable to change anything, etc. These people are a match in frequency to other people who have a negative view on the situation and will only attract more and more proof into their reality that the political situation is going to lead to a world war. What happens now is that these people become a match to the timeline on which the possibility for a world war is played out and therefore they will experience that scenario.

The people who don’t feel powerless to the politics and therefore have a more positive view on the situation (less fear) will attract people who still believe everything is going to be fine and therefore create the reality of change and improvement. What happens is that they will switch to a timeline that is far from a world war.

The people who part by switching to different timelines don’t just disappear in front of each other. The core frequencies of the people who land on the same timeline have to be similar and you can be pretty sure that all of the people you get in touch with have, to some degree, a similar frequency to yours which means they are on the same timeline with you. To be on a positive timeline doesn’t mean that you are not allowed to have negative feelings or fear. Besides the collective timeline, everyone has an individual timeline that can play out and co-exist to other people who are in the same collective timeline with you. This has to do with how you experience a situation. A situation can mean chaos for one person, while another person, on a different personal timeline, can manage to experience peace in the exact same situation.

How I switched timelines

About a year ago, I definitely was on a rather negative timeline. It wasn’t me being a pessimist, I could just feel all the fear and tension that was around me. People went nuts over Trump, the media talked about hoarding food and water in case of chaos. It’s sad to say, but to me it felt like world war III was inevitably just around the corner. I never felt like I would be in the center of chaos or as if my family was in physical danger, but there was this very strong and convincing feeling that we might need to change our location and the social system is just about to collapse. I was talking with my family about where we could go if the worst case scenario would happen and we checked which countries are probably going to be the safest then. Not just a few of my family members but also strangers started to hoard food and water and it made me really uneasy that everyone was planning for the worst. As a spiritual person I know that you create your reality with what you focus your thoughts on and I resisted putting even more energy in such a negative thing by starting to hoard food, water and medicine. Nevertheless I frequently thought “what if I’m not prepared if we really need that food and water?” and the feeling of not having hoarded stuff made me even more focused on the negative than just buying a little bit of stuff to have a “worst case buffer” of food and water. So, I bought some and I realized that this was the right decision because it was out of my mind then and a little bit of safety came back again. Within that time frame I started to integrate some personal issues relating to safety and I began to feel more safe in general. Every time I was talking to someone who was afraid of the future, I began to ask myself  ‘Is it my own, intuitive feeling that something bad is going to happen or did I let myself be influenced by the fear of others?’ I realized that a bigger part of me was only afraid because others were afraid. I wasn’t as grounded back then and therefore, I didn’t notice that I was carried along with their fear. It wasn’t real, genuine fear, it was the lack of feeling safe. Feeling safe in life, on the planet, as part of a bigger existence. So, I consciously started working on that. I used to believe ‘being grounded’ means being in touch with nature, eating beetroot, walking barefoot and hugging trees… Whereas that indeed might help some people, my true grounding happened through becoming aware of my origin and my place in this vast universe. I connected to myself, to my soul and achieved a sense of belonging in myself. I started identifying more as a soul, than as a person and I strengthened my sense of self by meditating with the intention to get in touch with my origin and my higher self more. I remembered past lives, even some that didn’t include a life with a physical body as we know it here. I got to know myself as energy and I learned that I can’t just vanish because of external circumstances. Energy might change but it never gets lost. So do you, as well, never get lost.

In this period of my life, there was a time when I felt like I would only observe the people and the world instead of really participating. I felt like it could go both ways: peace or downhill. While I detached myself from the feeling that a world war was inevitable, I noticed the people who were still very attached to this version of reality even more. The fact that I still noticed them, that I still had conversations about such things showed me that there was a remaining part in me which was attached to the worst case scenario, a part that still didn’t feel safe.
I can’t really give you the remedy for how I cleared my thoughts, but I went on with working on my feeling of safety and belonging and I eventually ended up where I am now.

A collective switch?

Everywhere around me I notice people cheering for 2018. I’ve never before read and heard so many ‘2018 is gonna be great’-s. I don’t even perceive people who are negative about the future anymore, all I see is awakening in humanity. Some people are rapid in their evolution, others take baby steps. Both is equally amazing and beautiful.
I truly believe that we, as a collective, jumped off the cliff and changed to a positive timeline. Sure, there are doubts, fears, uncertainties in life.. and everyone has them. But this incredible heavy weight of doom lifted and I think everyone can feel that, consciously or subconsciously.

I know that today’s topic went a little bit deeper than our other posts and I would love to know how you liked this style of explaining things? I really burn for the real thing, the complex spirituality that actually helps people to understand more instead of just telling them to breathe and smile. Did you like today’s blog post? I would love to hear your opinion.

Have the best year ever!


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