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London Diaries

Hello there dear readers!

What about a little vacation during Christmas time in London – sounds prefect, right?

Well, that’s what we had hoped for when me and my man Black Spirit X made this little trip in the beginning of December.

It was a spontaneous idea to book this quick holiday trip on a long weekend, and we had high hopes for a pretty Christmas time over there.
I’ve had a rough and straining phase of my life during the past few weeks, so I was really looking forward to ‘get away’ from all the BS, even if it’s just for a little while.

I wish I could now tell you about all the wonderful, peaceful and happy things we experienced in this beautiful city, and tell you about a perfect vacation time in London, romantically spent underneath a Christmas tree with a good cup of hot English tea in our hands.

But that was simply not the case.  In fact, instead we got this: whatever could go wrong, went wrong. And this vacation turned out to be the most stressful we’ve ever had… :D

But let me tell you about it from the start, as I’m still not sure if I should laugh or cry about it, haha.
I decided that it definitely deserves a little blogpost though.


The London trip(ping)

To begin with, our flight to London was more than 2 hours late because of the icy weather condition, so our ordered shuttle bus to the hotel had to wait for us, which obviously made the man a little cranky.

After being stuck in London traffic for another 2 1/2 hours (!) he couldn’t find our hotel, and told us that we got the wrong address (which we didn’t – it was a mistake by his company), so the man lost his temper, refused to drive us to the address standing on our voucher, and threw us out right in the middle of the street. So the first thing we experienced was being lost somewhere in London. What a great start! Then we had to find our way ‚home‘ by walking to the hotel (the gods bless the navigation apps! ;) ) Lucky us, it wasn’t that far anymore.

When we arrived at the hotel we got a room with a wonderful view on the Thames, right across the Tower Bridge. How exciting!
But after the first visit in the bathroom we found out that the water wont run down in the sink, and our air conditioning wasn’t working – it couldn’t be turned off, so it was freezing cold all night long.
Plus another little thing was that our room was located right beside the hotel’s power aggregator – so we had to walk down in our pajamas to the reception in the middle of the night to report it. I’m usually not a complaining person, but the noise was simply unbearable: Sadly we didn’t get another room, because they were fully booked, so we had to use earplugs and a scarf in bed instead.

Whenever we wanted to go down for our breakfast, we had to wait in line to get a table. On our last day we made three attempts (!) because anything sounded more interesting than waiting in line for 30 minutes at least. I repeat: for breakfast.

Another shocking thing was that the red coat I was wearing actually colored my hair pastel pink, which I hadn’t intended to. It didn’t even rain or snow or get wet in any other way – I was just wearing the coat for 3 days, and now I have pastel pink hair endings – even after washing it several times. So I can officially take that off my bucket list now, too.

Whenever we wanted to take a break in a café, we didn’t find any – or better said, we found many cafés, but none with any free table left for us.

When we wanted to take the tube we came from – it was closed when we returned, being in a hurry for something, so we had to find another way.

We wanted to visit a burlesque show – and we came too late to that as well.

My man had a bad cold and should have stayed in bed. (I had it after the trip at home…)

We ended up in the wrong tube several times (our ability to focus seems to have been a little diminished… :D).

We had planned to take many photos – and simply weren’t in the mood for photo shoots anymore – after all it was just too cold and too crowded. (At least we have the results you can see above and below!)

I got tired of the people in London. For me this city was way too crowded (at least for my current state of exhausted mind) with too many rude people that run into you and almost knock you down, because they simply don’t care anymore. (I guess I’m too much in love with my hillbilly life here in Germany… :D)

And. So. On. It’s the little things that add up to the whole.


The way back home

We wanted to make the ‚check in‘ call for our shuttle bus on Sunday, like our ‘polite’ shuttle bus driver had told us to do so on our arrival, only to find out via message on tape that they have opening hours only from Monday to Friday, so we asked for help at the hotel desk to contact them. It took another 5 attempts, even for the hotel, to get in touch with them.

On the day of our journey home the struggle continued. And guess what: when we were about to be picked up to go to the airport, the shuttle bus didn’t come. We waited and waited, and were already about to leave by train, when a shuttle bus arrived at the hotel – but the driver wasn’t looking for us. We asked him again if he’s sure, and after checking in with his company he told us that he’d been waiting for us at another hotel.
And the people he should have picked up here didn’t come either, so we waited for them for at least 30 minutes – for nothing.
It was pure luck and coincidence that he had to pick up two other persons from the hotel we actually were staying in, otherwise we would have been stuck in London. Forever! At least we caught the flight in time.

But on the flight home a poor woman beside us got very sick on the plane and totally collapsed, too, so the emergency doctors had to check on her and carry her out after the plane had landed and before we could get out. Let’s hope she’s alright now.

What a wonderful grand finale!

After all – we got our luggage. Which seems like a little wonder to me… ;)

I still have to laugh when I sum up all these things that went wrong, because each one of them felt like a slap in the face by the universe – or a conspiracy maybe… ;D And we felt so relieved when we fell into our own bed at home again.


No hard feelings

After reading this all, maybe you might have the impression now that it was a totally awful trip. But this certainly is not true. After all, we only had to deal with real ‘luxury problems’, and I’m still happy and grateful anyway for this little ‘adventure’.  It made us grow together, even in stressful times! ;)

We even had wonderful moments in London. Our favorite place to be definitely was the Christmas market by the London Eye giant wheel, where we enjoyed several cups of this tasty hot mulled wine. Or the Chinese restaurant by the Waterloo station, which we even had to visit twice… :) Also the Camden market and the streets of Kensington were very beautiful to walk on with all the Christmas decoration.

And after all, we  still got some nice pictures out of it as forever memories.

But the next time I’m booking a trip, I will pray that it comes with less struggle.


EDIT: And in the end, on our last day in London, we even found our nice tea-house that we were dreaming of from the beginning, and we were able to enjoy a wonderul (and expensive ;) ) London-afternoon-teatime with cake and tea and cookies and more cake. Delicious!


Tell us your stories

Do you also have a funny experience to share?
Did you ever go on a vacation or trip where nothing worked out as planned?
Let us know, we want to laugh (or cry) with you! ;)


I wasn’t in the mood to take one single picture with my ‘good’ camera, so all photos were taken by Black Spirit X. Below you can find a few impressions from our trip. (See many more photos here:

Lots of love and have a wonderful pre-Christmas time,



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  • Reply
    Bob Nicholas
    17. December 2017 at 0:24

    Yikes, sorry you had to go through all that. You did get some amazing photos though!

    • TheVintageRomance
      17. December 2017 at 8:48

      Thank you very much, Bob! :)

  • Reply
    17. December 2017 at 22:01

    I’m so glad you can laugh about all of this, travels can indeed have their trials and tribulations! I had the same issue incidentally, about an airport shuttle driver not being able to find my hotel, and kicking me out in the middle of Bangkok, on my own, in the early hours of the morning…!! It turned out okay, thank goodness. I do hope that you have a relaxing and non-stressful time over Christmas, and save any dramas for another time xx

    • TheVintageRomance
      18. December 2017 at 12:58

      OMG, I just had to laugh… This sounds so awful what happened to you! Unbelievable. I feel you. :D I’m glad that it all turned out well for you, too. We definitely have some ‘stories’ to tell now, and some adventurous forever memories…. ;)

      Thank you for your comment, and of course – we wish the same for you: Have a wonderful, non-stressful Christmas season and a happy start into 2018!

      Love, Elaine

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