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Blush Pink

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A fun story to add to today’s blog post:

The fluffy jacket you can see on the photos is accompanying us since at least 5 years… if not longer. Elaine and me went on a shopping spree back then and she discovered the jacket in the first place but I ended up buying it. I just fell in love and have a weakness for fluffy faux fur jackets since then…

This specific one has served us as a photoshooting background, survived multiple parties at fashion weeks and it is our “to go” piece to spice up our looks when taking photos. It became a fun little “insider”, haha. If you are a bit bored right now, you can start searching for in how many blog posts the white fluffy jacket is hiding…. ;)

Yesterday we were sitting outside in the moonlight meditating and enjoying the energies of the magic night. How did you spend your Halloween?


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