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How beautiful is it to be a woman?
I love playing with my female traits and I love doing all the girly stuff. I spent the last few years exploring what femininity means to me in a spiritual sense, which aspects of life are ‘female’.
Throughout this process I got to know myself so much better and got in touch with the beautiful thing called my ‘divine feminine’. The female energy is sensual, receiving and nurturing. We can be so many things at once and women are the microcosm of the all giving Mother Nature. We are all mothers, and I’m not talking about children, I’m talking about how women approach the world. If we are given space, we nurture those around us, our surroundings and our own lives. We hold endless creative potential within us, because it is just natural for us to be creators.

In the past there has been put a lot of shame on us. We’ve been burned as witches, accused for having secret knowledge, we’ve been suppressed and we are still fighting against the patriarchal structure in our society. Now that the world is called into the era of conscious evolution, it is important for us women to connect with our own feminity again. We should not fall into the feminist trap and try to be like men, because our strenght is rooted in different places. Men and women are of the same value, but we are not THE same. Women shouldn’t need to be ashamed if they decide to stay at home, we should not be ashamed for our monthly cycles and our beautiful bodies that come in all shapes and sizes. Nothing is dirty or shameful or ‘hush hush’ about being a woman. The term ‘divine feminine’ is not just a thing I made up, you can read and explore a lot about this archetype energies called ‘divine feminine and divine masculine’ if you wish to. Just start researching! :)

I absolutely love how these photos in this amazing red jumpsuit turned out! You guys won’t believe how difficult the poses are in some photos even if they look completely comfortable. Sitting in a dewy, muddy field wasn’t my favorite thing… but it was worth it!


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