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Who are you? Being authentic

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Today’s post is one that we didn’t do in a while. A simple ‘outfit post’.
To be honest with you, Elaine and me struggled a little with our blog ‘The Vintage Romance’ in the past. We didn’t want to limit ourselves anymore with only doing pinup and vintage themed posts. We were torn between being authentic and staying true to our original concept.
Now that we’ve decided to post freely whatever arises from our creative minds we feel much better about our projects again.

Being authentic is a life long lesson to learn. The older I get, the less I want to categorize myself. I’ve never fitted into a box and for a long time, I thought I somehow ‘have to’ fit in. Personally and artistically.

As a teenager I made a lot of experiences in the gothic scene. I still enjoy the style, love the people and music, but I never truly fitted in. Besides all the ‘dark stuff’, I’ve always loved fashion, glamour and even girly stuff. That’s not what a ‘true’ goth girl is supposed to like. Years later, I made experiences in the fashion industry. Same thing, I loved parts of it, but I never fully identified with it.

Looking back now, a few years later and much more conscious about myself and the world, I notice that people often fall into a trap when it comes to authenticity. Not all of course, but many.
Some people I used to hang out with in my teenage years are still in the same ‘surroundings’. Black clothing, dark eyeshadow, patchouli perfume, studded boots, leather coats… every single day. Since they were 14. To label oneself is some kind of false safety to cling to. If these people would change their mind and go into another direction with their style, hobbies or experiences, they suddenly would lose all of their friends. As long as they have something in common, which in my example is ‘being a goth’, they are safe within that little bubble they made up for themselves.

Realizing that, it became even more important to me to live by my authentic self. I don’t want to adapt for the sake of social security. I want to experience different aspects of life, different cultures and belief systems, different ideologies. I want to keep my mind open for absolutely everything until I develop my own opinion.
Authenticity is an inside job and starts with the smallest things. As long as you are in tune and fully honest with yourself, you can only win people into your life that are really interested in you as a person, not a shared fancy or lifestyle.

I believe that you can only be authentic to the degree that you currently know yourself. If I would meet people who know me from a few years ago, I’d probably have to reintroduce myself. I wasn’t another person back then, I identified as a personality, not as a soul. I lived in my ego more and I wasn’t aware of my own strenghts, but also shadow aspects and flaws. My spiritual journey started with a simple question: Who am I?
Who am I as a person? Who am I as a human being? Who am I in a galactic relation to all that is? This one little question provoked a chain reaction of other questions: Why are we here? What are we supposed to do with our lives? Are we alone in the universe?
It’s a simple question and I am still busy answering it.
Did you ask yourself the same question, yet? Who are you?


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