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It’s October, that means Halloween is around the corner and we can get all witchy again!
For me, Halloween is not so much about crazy costumes or a fun party night, I am intrigued by the ancient knowledge about this special night. It is said, that the veil between dimensions is especially thin around this time and that the communication between them is easier than usual. I’ve always been interested in the occult, in magic and spirituality. What started as a mere fascination in my teenage years, turned out to become one of the most important things of my life. As a little girl, my favorite movie was ‘The Craft’. I bet all of you 90s kids know this movie! I always wanted my own coven with my girlfriends and we played that scenario over and over again. I associate strong women who have secret knowledge with witches. Women who know how to connect to spirit and how to influence their lives positively with a little bit of ‘magic’. It might sound weird to a lot of people, but over the years I realized that ‘being a witch’ is not just a made up fairytale and that there is a lot more behind it. Every woman has a natural connection to spirit. We are the channel for life (birth) and also for spiritual energies, messages and visions. Just the belief, that this is not real, keeps most women away from their natural, internal ‘dictionary’ that has answers to almost every question you could ever come up with.

Did you ever ponder why there was this huge burning of witches? People were tricked into believing that what these women did was bad, that it was ‘from the devil’ and they used people’s religious faith as a tool to make them fear the witches.
What witches really were, are women who were able to learn about the truth. They discovered the ‘one big secret’, the deception which is still fooling people today. The truth about society, the misuse of religion, our history and our DNA. They didn’t need books or other sources than themselves. They could ‘download’ their information into their being, just like you would download a file onto your computer. They realized their innate channeling and psychic abilities. This is what made them so dangerous for the people in power.

I wished for a coven in my teenage years, now, as a grown-up, I sit here with my friends lighting candles and incense while we are writing down our affirmations and talk about extraterrestrials. My wish came true and together we gain back all the lost knowledge and inspire people to do the same.
Thank you for always making me expand my consciousness and for keeping my mind constantly open.

Happy Samhain and much love!

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