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Making-Of Video – Autumn Photoshoot


How lovely is it when the autumn weather is so great that two creative heads can go outside to take new photos for their art blog? :)

We filmed this little making-of video during our latest photo shoot for you, to finally let you have a peek inside the making of our photos and and to look behind the scenes of our ‘perfected’ photos. Also, we finally can show you a little more personal side of us.

We often look so serious on our pictures, but that isn’t always the truth.
In fact, we do laugh a lot. A whole lot, all the time. And we love to laugh.
It’s even supposed to be healthy, they say! ;)

Would you like to see more making-of videos on this blog?
Have fun watching it and let us know your thoughts.

HERE you can find Isabelle’s photos & post ‘Womanhood’.

HERE you can find Elaine’s photos & post ‘Autumn Tint of Gold’.

And as a little sidenote:
we always post stories on our Instagram accounts when we take photos. So follow us on Instagram to see them all!


Love and stardust,

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