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Hello dear readers,

way too often we perceive our lives through displays and devices. Always on the go, always busy, always caught up in daily stress. While being a hamster in a wheel, we forget about the bigger picture. We forget that our planet is just a tiny particle in a much broader existence. If we take a moment to perceive ourselves as the observer, we are able to zoom out and watch the world shrink underneath us.
Like looking down from an airplane and even further up.
We can zoom our into the vast, blackness of space, where our planet is nothing more than a little puzzle piece to the whole thing.
We are just visitors on earth.
Our true origin lays in the infinite consciousness of all that is. We are not in the universe, we are created out of it. Galactic adventurers who decided to experience life a little while on this beautiful, amazing planet. A planet full of life and diversity. Forests, deserts, oceans, minerals, countless different species and endless potential of love.
You are a visitor. Bring love as a present.

Love and stardust,

Metallic dress: Asos (old)
Big earrings: Shein**
Sunglasses: Shein**

**not sponsored

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