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Elven diaries

A day in early September 2017 – New entry into the Elven-diaries:

… “Soft winds and pale sunshine today, first leaves are turning red.

We’ve been wandering around these forests to explore the beauty of the world, and to really see our surroundings with an open mind.

The crystal crowns on our heads symbolize dignity, knowledge and ancient wisdom, but also eternity.

We live by the cycles of nature, we’re dancing with the falling leaves. When the dark of the year is falling, we retreat our life force to contemplate on our inner wisdom. We begin to look inside again, begin to see what’s hidden in ourselves. We’re not afraid to face the dark, because we’re beings of light.

We can feel the early autumn vibes. And we love the magic that’s about to come in the next season.” …


Hello beautiful people!

We’re totally in love with fairy-themed photoshoots lately. We’ve had the honor to work with the talented headpiece and jewelry designer BeretkAh! again, and this time we chose to channel our elven ancestors from another dimension. ;)

Isabelle’s wearing a beautiful aquamarine-crown and Elaine’s wearing clear crystal quartz crown on her head.

Would you wear a beautiful crown like this, and when would you choose to wear it?

Lots of love,


Crystal crowns by BeretkAh!**

**Ad, due to mentioning of products


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