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Invoking the Skies

Dear Gaia, what are you telling me.
Great Mother Earth, I can hear you. I can hear your whispers in the wind.

I’m invoking spirits from the past. They tell me mysteries.
Your clouds form images that I can see. I read them. I sense them.

I feel your warmth brush against my skin.
I look inside myself and I feel love for you.

Beautiful nature, let me thank you for all you’ve given to me, and for all you’re willing to give.
I dance with the clouds, I move myself with their rhythm.
I can feel every inch of my being feeling free and inspired.


Hello beautiful people!

Enjoying the magic of dark skies is something wonderful. We got inspired by the mystic, cloudy nature for this blogpost and we tried to feel it to the core.

Do you like clouds as much as we do?

Elaine chose a very dark blue eyeshadow with red, sultry lips for this look, to make it even more dramatic.

We hope you like our new images!

Lots of love,


Dress: Boohoo
Tiara: Bijou Brigitte, at least 10 years old… ;)

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