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The Mirror of the Soul

Self reflection – the mirror of our soul.
The inside shows on the outside. Inside turned out.
The outside reflects on the inside.
All is one.
We are nature. Nature is us.
We are the mirror of each other.
We are the mirror of ourselves.
ur fears and enemies show us what we need to face in our lives.
Our own happiness can show others the way to happiness.


Hello dear readers!
The theme of today’s post is


A topic that we’re quite often confronted with – by having a public blog, showing our faces and bodies on photos, doing the modeling for our photo sets, for people we work and cooperate with and all that. We’re expressing ourselves through words and photos providing you an image of us or the brand we representate, the topic we talk about, the art we create or the things we feel.

Sometimes we feel good about ourselves, we’re self confident, happy and proud. But sometimes we also feel low on energy, angry, weak and even miserable.

Where do all these feeling come from and what exactly are they?

‚Manipura’, also called the ‚Solar Plexus‘, is the chakra right above your belly button underneath your ribcage. It’s one of the seven main-energy points in the body and you can feel it for example when you’re nervous about something, when you think about a situation that you have to face. It is that sudden throb that you get in your stomach area. That little bust of energy is created in your Solar Plexus.

In this chakra we process all emotions and impressions we get from the material world around us.
It’s all about who we are in this world, our identity, even belief systems. It represents the ego, willpower, personal energy as well as success.

A person with a strong, healthy and open Solar Plexus usually is self confident, content, is able to do a healthy self-reflection, is able to reach goals and his or her intellect and emotions are in harmony with each other. This person is mature, calm, considerate, knows the own worth, is not able of being manipulated and is responsible for his or her own actions.

A person with a dysfunctional Solar Plexus usually isn’t very self-confident, weak, over reacting emotionally, is afraid of criticism or withdrawal of affection. Such individuals often feel depressed, angry, aggressive, worthless, weak, unimportant, desperate, controlling and often are caught in their own victimhood of negative emotions. It’s often a visible a lack of identity, a too big or too small ego, people who feel easily offended by other people or circumstances, who are aggressive and controlling.

Many reasons can cause such a dysfunction. Often it’s just life that happens to us and we have to deal with it. Some people do better, some people just can’t. Often we don’t express ourselves because we’re ashamed or feel unimportant. This can lead into a downward spiral of negative emotions.
But the good news is: no one needs to stay in that place. Everybody has the chance to get out of it, and every single day there’s a new chance for it.


So what can we do to ‚heal‘ ourselves? The first steps would be:

1. Self reflection

Be absolutely honest about what you feel. There is no such thing as being ashamed of your emotions. Even shame itself is a valid and important emotion! To admit to yourself that you’re not happy, angry, afraid or weak is nothing bad. It’s pretty brave of yourself, because you’re in the middle of facing your own worst demons!
Face your fears, face your deepest emotions. Write them all down and then read this list out loud to yourself. Think about your own beliefs and belief systems that you have (these can be of any kind: personal, political, religious,…): are they yours or did you adopt your beliefs from someone else who expects a certain behavior from you, is it to please others, without really believing what you think you believe?
Be honest. You don’t need to tell anyone else about this right away. The important thing is that you notice it all and admit your true thoughts to yourself.

2. Self expression

Now that you faced your true thoughts and opinions, you might want to correct some of your habits and beliefs. Stand up for your own opinion and be willing to dispute with yourself, your past, your acts and reactions. This might not be an easy process. In fact, it can hurt – a lot – and we speak from own experience.
Fears and feelings that have been stuffed away might dwell up to the surface, like an open water tap that you cannot stop running. It’s time to let your emotions surface to be able to heal yourself from the inside out. Deal with your own thoughts and identity. Who do you really want to be? What’s really important to you? What do you believe in? What do you really want to do in life? Why is it important for you to get good credit – for your own sake or is it just a status symbol? And why do you really need it? To really please yourself, or to please others?
This process doesn’t always have to be all about the negative emotions. Good emotions like joy and happiness can also be suppressed sometimes. It’s time to let them out now.
Write a diary. Write a blog. Write a book, just for yourself. Talk to people. Connect, and let others tell you their opinion about your situation, too. Maybe something feels bad and shameful to you, but in fact doesn’t even bother another person. This might surprise you. So, if you never talk about it, you will never find out.
Create yourself like you really want to be. Express and admit your feelings to yourself, maintain your point of view and and the rest will follow.

3. Self love

Love yourself. Act in a loving way towards yourself.
This sounds so easy, yet is also a difficult process that takes time for most people. There even exist countless books about the topic ‘self love’, so we just can bring it up quickly at this point. We will also write more detailed articles about this topic in the future, but for now we just want to say a few words:
What can be more self loving than acting in a way that really makes you happy? To really express yourself in a way that mirrors the ‘you’ on the outside like it is on the inside? Your true self? To ‘do’ what you want to do and what you’re passionate about?
We can’t think of one single reason not to do what makes us happy.



We see our blog as a platform to express our artistic self in form of words, images, thoughts, poetry and artworks. We love doing it, but it’s not always easy. We try to express our true selves like a mirror here on this little space in the world wide web and we’re very grateful that we can share that experience with you.

It’s a constant practice to express yourself in the right way. To not overreact and also to not let yourself down in any way. But this process is worth it and makes you find out many (surprising) things about yourself.

After all, the journey to yourself is the longest and most adventurous journey you can ever make.

Love and rainbows,
Elaine Valerie & Isabelle Gloria



Elaine’s outfit and Isabelle’s skirt by sKorpia Xtrem-Fashion. More about past collaborations with this label here and here.

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