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Change is good


Well, this is the new ‘The Vintage Romance’.
A new layout, a new logo, new content and a new message.

We’re so excited to show you what we’ve been working on during the past few months!

Change can be challenging, it can frighten us a little, it sometimes means to take risks. But most of all it means movement, evolving, it means the start of something new. Change brings new perspective, new possibilities and new inspiration.

We thought about change on this blog for quite a while now. Behind closed doors, where you didn’t notice, we pondered, discussed and planned. For some time now, we feel like we grew out of that image we created with ‘The Vintage Romance’. We evolved and had some drastic, personal changes going on during the past two years. Although we integrated our thoughts and experiences indirectly into our posts already from the beginning, we still had the feeling that we want ‘more’. We want more depth, more of what we truly are and we want to tell you about it directly. We want to tell you about what’s really moving us.

Modeling and being creative is super fun, but it is just a tiny little part of who we really are and we are pretty sure that most people have a false interpretation of us and can’t even imagine what’s really going on.
We are two women who realized that spirituality is nothing to believe or not to believe in. It is there anyway – the reason of all existence – and we think a lot of people have an opinion about spirituality that is way too dreamy and esoteric. Besides pretty dresses and great vintage hair (that we still really like) there is a lot more in our life. We both have been practicing meditation for more that a decade now, we underwent dark times, we had highs and almost unbelievable spiritual experiences. Most of all we became experts in not lying to ourselves anymore and we became obsessed with practicing self love. We want to be more authentic, as this image of pretty vintage dolls isn’t all of us. We want to be ourselves and show that real side to you.

By now, we reach out to several thousands of people on this blog and on our social media accounts with ‘The Vintage Romance’ every day. We think it is wonderful to inspire so many people and we’re very grateful for that, but we also feel that it is our responsibility to do more with that voice than simply putting out pretty images on the world wide web. We have this growing voice and we want to use it to send our messages to you. We want to show you a way to self love and how you, for yourself, can change the world a little, day by day, so we as a species can do it all together. All you need to have is an open mind and be curious. Question everything around you, follow your heart.

We can’t make the world a better place on our own, but we can make a small contribution with this blog and we hope to give you some new food for thought. We hope to become the spokesmen for those who have never even heard of the knowledge that awaits you here in the future, but who want to start using it for themselves.
We hope to be able to open up a new world to you – which is there anyway, in which you act every day – but you just don’t know about it.

The Vintage Romance will be different. However we promise that there still will be lots of pretty stuff to look at!

If you want to read more in-depth articles about topics like spirituality, Yoga, meditation, food and lifestyle, you can find them on our second blog ‘Unlocked Heart’ where we write about it all.


Here’s a little overview on what will be different, because there will be loads of new content on the blog. What can you expect?

1. We’ve got NEW CATEGORIES for you – Here you can find these categories.

2. We will provide VIDEOS for you – Yes, you really got that right. We’re going to post some videos from time to time that we’re making with love, and we’re also already working on new artistic videos like our first one ‘SOULMATES’.

3. German TRANSLATION – We’re still going to translate this website to our native German language, as we have many German readers. Now you can switch between the different language options in the top navigation bar, symbolized by little flags.

4. ALL POSTS listed – Finally you can find all posts we ever published on the Home-Submenu.


What will stay?

Don’t worry, although we’re going to make some major changes in our content, we will still be the same girls that you know. We love the vintage style, the makeup and the overall theme, we just want to combine the outside of us with the inside to give you a real, authentic image. So, there still will be artistic photos all over the blog, as creating images with the setting and the looks is one of our many real passions, but they will be more concept-oriented, fitting the overall theme of the blog.

The old posts as you know them will still be online. You can find them in the archive, we won’t delete them as we still love our work.

If you have any questions, comments or wishes, please let us know. You can send us an e-mail, you can comment on this post or use our contact form.

Lots of love,
Isabelle Gloria & Elaine Valerie


[ Header photo by Black Spirit X ( ]

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