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Demons & Angels


There are two hearts beating in everyone of us.
The good and the bad, the innocent and the evil.
Trust and grief.
Belief and insecurity.
Balance and pain.

Choose wisely which part you’re feeding. Feeding with thoughts and desires.

If we once found what we were looking for, why are we afraid of losing it right away?
Why are we in constant fear of losing what we love?

We feel like we have no power, we feel like being played like puppets on strings.
We need to realize that we are the power that we thought we wouldn’t have.
We are the strings, the player above our heads. And once we begin to see the that theatre we’re playing in is just the mirror of our thoughts…
we begin to change.

We’re waking up, breaking the two intertwined hearts within us apart.
Separating them, analyzing them, dissecting negative imprints to heal us as a whole.
The negative parts simply want to be heard, taken care of, so they can change for the better,
the healthy natural state of peace.



Hello dear readers!
We’re totally in love with our new light and dark headpieces, handmade by the talented Anna Chocola*.
Aren’t these fascinators beautiful? They totally inspired us to take some photos with an angelic and demonic theme, and also led us to write down some lines about good and bad thoughts, as you can read at the end of this post.
Make sure to also check out our blogpost from last October, when we showed you some purple hats also made by Anna.
Anna on Facebook

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    Miss Grape
    4. December 2014 at 9:48

    Oooh, die sind wirklich zauberhaft! Und euer Make-Up ist auch der totale Wahnsinn! Tolle Bilder *-*

    LG, Miss Grape

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