About The Vintage Romance

About The Vintage Romance

‘The Vintage Romance’ was started as a vintage themed art project in May 2013 by Isabelle Gloria & Elaine Valerie. We’ve known each other for the greatest parts of our lives, we share a deep bond and came to the conclusion that we have to be soulmates. During the last few years the site has evolved into a personal project to send out our visual and written messages to our readers.

  • We’re passionate about creating art – the visual expression of what’s in our hearts and on our minds.
  • We’re passionate about the vintage style and old stuff. We love the glamorous vintage looks of the 1920s to -60s, and that’s why all our photos have a vintage aspect about them: the hair & makeup, the clothes, the accessories, the requisites, the inspiration.
  • We’re like a mirror to each other, sharing a deep bond and an almost telepathic connection since our early childhood – and probably even earlier than that.
  • We are very sensitive for the energies around us and we have many things in our hearts that we want to tell you about. Those things are important to us and that we feel like we need to share them with you.
  • We’re restlessly creative and we built up this website until today to delight your everyday life a little bit with each new blog post.
  • We do everything concerning our art on our own: the styling, photography, editing, modeling, writing and coming up with the concepts. Each post tells a different story and is put together by us with commitment and love.
  • We work hard on this project and we’re devoted to it.


The Background & what we aspire

We started this blog with the intention to create art, to express ourselves and to send out our messages through this whole project. We wanted to inspire others and hoped that we even might light up your day a little, even if it is just for a moment.

During the last few years we grew and evolved a lot as individuals: personally, emotionally and also spiritually. We’ve always been interested in the mystics of the universe and we both started practicing meditation at a very early age. So the day came a little while ago, when we suddenly started craving for ‘more’ on our blog.

Modeling and being creative is super fun, but it is just a tiny little part of who we really are. We are two women who realized that spirituality is nothing to believe or not to believe in. It is there anyway – the reason of all existence – and we think a lot of people have an opinion about spirituality that is way too dreamy and esoteric. Besides pretty dresses and great vintage hair (that we still really like) there is a lot more in our life. We both have been practicing meditation for more that a decade now, we underwent dark times, we had highs and almost unbelievable spiritual experiences. Most of all we became experts in not lying to ourselves anymore and we became obsessed with practicing self love. We want to be more authentic, as this image of pretty vintage dolls isn’t all of us. We want to be ourselves and show that real side to you.

By now, we reach out to several thousands of people on this blog and on our social media accounts with ‘The Vintage Romance’ every day. We think it is wonderful to inspire so many people and we’re very grateful for that, but we also feel that it is our responsibility to do more with that voice than simply putting out pretty images on the world wide web. We have this growing voice and we want to use it to send our messages to you.

In November 2015 we relaunched our Website with a completely new design, a new logo and most important of all: a new concept. For some time now, we felt like we grew out of that image we created with ‘The Vintage Romance’ back in 2013. We evolved and had some drastic, personal changes going on during the past two years. Although we integrated our thoughts and experiences indirectly into our posts already from the beginning, we still had the feeling that we want ‘more’. We want more depth, more of what we truly are and we want to tell you about it directly. We want to tell you about what’s really moving us.


Our message

We love life and we’re in a constant research about universal mysteries. We want to tell you about this fascinating aspect of life.
We want to show you a way to self love and how you, for yourself, can change the world a little, day by day, so we as a species can do it all together.
We want to encourage you to always follow your heart, as it will always lead you right.


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