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Autumn Tint of Gold

  “From childhood’s hour I have not been As others were – I have not seen As others saw – I could not bring My passions from a common spring From the same source I have not taken My…

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Royal Blonde

The queen of the night – I enjoyed feeling like this with this beautiful handmade crystal crown by BeretkAh! We’re totally into our latest cown-series and we think that it should be appropiate to wear crowns more often, especially…

red hair avant garde extravagant portrait red hair white eyebrows high fashion
Art & Photography Collaborations We love

Crystal Priestess

Hello guys! These extravagant photos were inspires by the beautiful creations of BeretkAh. Designer Tatiana creates a wonderful treasure with every single piece and this crown was manufactured with real crystals. Dreamy, isn’t it? We collaborated with BeretkAh before,…

Art & Photography We love


Hello dear readers, way too often we perceive our lives through displays and devices. Always on the go, always busy, always caught up in daily stress. While being a hamster in a wheel, we forget about the bigger picture.…