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Learn to love the thorns

*Outfits: Vive Maria

You are just like a rose or any other beautiful flower with thorns.
Thorns are beautiful, too. They belong to you, just like the flowercrown itself.

Don’t just count your thorns, but accept that you have them.
Embrace them and wear them with pride.

Anyone who wants to pick you up, needs to learn how to hold you.
Anyone who wants to hold you tight, needs to balance between holding on too tightly and having a loose grip around you.
Anyone who wants to break you, will only hurt himself.

Be like a thorned flower.
Accept yourself, and love yourself with all your flaws.

Hello dear readers!

This is our first post of the year on this blog. We can’t believe it’s already March.

The sunshine and the blue sky lured us to go outside last weekend, and we really enjoyed taking new photos after a longer break.
We hope you have been fine these last few months!

We love to show you our new beautiful outfits by Vive Maria today:

Isabelle is wearing the Etoile Dressing,
and Elaine decided to go for the Capri Skirt with the matching Capri Shirt.

You can find much more from the new Spring/Summer Collection 2017 on

Enjoy the springtime,
we are in love.


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