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Timeless Part II

*Dress: Vive Maria


Imagine yourself daydreaming about the middle age. You see it in vivid colors in your mind, you smell the hay, you see the blacksmith doing his work with his branded hands and dirty skirting. You can hear the little kids running around the standpipe, giggling and squealing. You see them in their dresses. You can count a little girl’s freckles and notice her blushed cheeks. If you think about something concentratedly enough, the experience will unfold itself. You don’t make up the scenario in your head, the scenario opens up to you, as if you were there and witness its happening. Just like a time traveller.

Isn’t it amazing that it’s possible for our mind to visit all times that have ever and will ever exist? All the timelines are like streets that you just have to walk along. Your body may be stored in one of these timelines, but your mind can take you anywhere you wish to be…

The concept of time is a thing that is hard to understand, but we encourage you to contemplate that your day dreams or your nightly, vivid movies inside your head might be more than mazy images of your imagination. We are all time travellers, we are all timeless. Start talking to the people you meet along your way, just as you would in waking life – you might get an answer and feel the realness of your excursions…



Hello dear readers!

We’re excited to show you the second part of our latest collaboration with the German label Vive Maria.

I chose a pretty black dress with a grey overall flower print that fits perfectly. It swings and feels comfortable. A perfect match for cozy autumn days and nights… ; )

HERE’s the link to the dress. More dresses and outfits on:

Best wishes,


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