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Timeless Part I

*Dress: Vive Maria


Did you ever think about time in a deeper sense? Sure, time is the thing we can read off the clock, it is the counting of our days, months, years.

But how is it defined? When did time start and when will it end? And if you don’t have the answers to these questions, how can you define the in-between?

Time seems to rather be an artificial construct that helps us humans to bring our days and actions into order, a concept to cling to, to align with. It is there so we can understand life and experience routine. If time wasn’t our concept, would we live life differently? Would we enjoy the moment more?


Hello there!

We’re back with some new photos, yay! Today we want to show you the first part (of three) of our latest collaboration with the German label Vive Maria.

When I saw this dress I immediately fell in love with it – the style, the print, the overall look you can create with it. It fits perfectly and can be an everyday dress as well as it can be worn as something sweet in the evening.

HERE you can find it, and much more on

Lots of love,


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