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Children Of The Zodiac

*Necklaces: Patrick Simon

The very first moment you get your hands on these beautiful pieces by Patrick Simon, you feel the special aura that surrounds those necklaces.

The symbiosis of the zodiac signs and their adequate elements is not just pretty to look at, it radiates harmony, order and creation. Thank you Patrick, for these beautiful pieces and the opportunity to speak our truth, which is inspired by them.
The stars align, and we align with them.
You don’t have to believe in astrology to be influenced by it. We are not talking about silly little zodiac sign predictions in gossip magazines. Well, even those can tell you something sometimes, but we’re talking about the web of energy, relations and so called ‘coincidences’ that we are a part of. Nothing in this Universe happens by accident. It is all a matter of cause and effect. Ever heard of ‘the butterfly effect’? It is the concept that everything is connected to everything else and a butterfly flapping its wings on one side of the planet can, through a series of connected events, trigger a tsunami on the other side of the world.
This is a perfect example of how things work. Imagine how even the little actions could have ended up in something completely different. What if your mother would have decided to order in food, instead of going to the restaurant where she first met your dad? What if you would have decided not to run for the bypassing bus and take the next one, which was then involved in an accident? What if you would have checked your phone, while the person you are now happily married with walked by smiling at you.
The tiniest things, actions, ‘coincidences’ are in fact no coincidences, but a web of your own experienced energy. How sad would it be if we were just floating in this ocean of possibilities, not having any power over what happens and no guidance on our way. Although it might feel like it sometimes, you are not lost. The stars align in our favor. They build a frame for us, a basis to work up on, to experience in, to remember. Try to trust your life more, try to trust things that went wrong, too. Sometimes not getting what you want can be a blessing, because you might not realize yet what it is that you really want.

Patricks necklaces triggered a feeling of authenticity within us. Zodiac signs, elements, sacred geometry. It resonated deeply within us and we were super excited to shoot with the pieces and write this blog post. Our heads were suddenly flooded with inspiration.

We chose different colors of the metals, just the ones that felt ‘right’ for each necklace: gold, silver and copper.

Elaine’s necklaces symbolize Cancer and Aquarius.
Cancer because it’s her zodiac sign, and Aquarius as it is her ascendant. Cancer belongs to the water element while Aquarius belongs to air.

Isabelle’s neklaces symbolize Pisces and Gemini.
Pisces being her zodiac sign, and Gemini being her ascendant. Pisces belongs to the water element too, and Gemini is also a sign of the air element.

Ascendants are said to have great influence on a person, too. If you’re interested in reading a little more into it, we would suggest browsing the world wide web for more information, as a deeper explanation would make this blogpost too long at this point.

We feel this is a good combination for all of our projects, and maybe also a reason why we connect so deeply to each other. This was already our theme in one of our very first blogposts ever.

You already know about the big changes on this blog. We wrote about it HERE.
Our content became deeper, our photos less flowery and girly. We enjoyed the colorful dresses and we still do from time to time. But we both realized that is was never really us. We played a role and we enjoyed it. Like playing dress up, or feeling like princesses in pretty gowns. We feel like ‘The Vintage Romance’ is still a fitting name because ‘vintage’ is something old, and we don’t even feel like time is a thing, everything happens in the now. Past, present, future. ‘Romance’ is a beautiful word for looking at the world through the eyes of love an realizing everything that ever happens, may it be good or bad, is only there to awake us, to guide us to our long lost power to make this world a better place. For everyone of us.
Our true essence is the one of a spiritual being wanting to spread its message. We already do it with the new concept of ‘The Vintage Romance’ and we want to incorporate it even more in our lives job wise. We just feel that we are here to inspire people and lead them to their own knowledge. It is the one thing that makes sense. The stars aligned for us and we attracted to be gifted with beautiful, spiritual jewelry that proofs us we are on the right track, that whispers ‘I’m the sign you were looking for’.

Check out Patrick Simons’ whole collection ‘Children Of The Zodiac’ with many other, beautiful pieces HERE.

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