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Chakras, the sanskrit word for these ‘energy wheels’, are points of energy in our body. Energy flows in and out of us at those points and you can imagine them as ‘vortexes’ through the body.

We have several thousands of them, but the 7 main chakras influence our daily life and are also influenced by us – consciously or not.

Never heard of them before? Well, we all have them for sure, and you certainly have felt them before, too. For example: you might have noticed those little ‘butterflies in your stomach’ when you felt very excited or the big lump in your throat when you were sad or when you swallowed the words you actually wanted to say. You might have been truly in love and you felt the racing heartbeat. These strong sensations within our body are the chakras and we can feel them through different sensations.

Everything is energy, and energy is physical, too. On the little graphic above you can see our 7 main chakras that can be found on the body along the spine. We also have some major ones on the soles of our feet and in the palms of our hands.

Those energy wheels can be open or blocked. We give you another example here: Too much stress can cause pain in the stomach or in the back. Stress is energy, and we’re holding on to that stress in our physical body, so it eventually becomes pain. Stress most likely produces even more stress, we concentrate on stress, we built up on that stress, the stress manifests into a physical reaction. If we can work on releasing that pain and destress a little, we can start working on decreasing the blockage we keep in that particular chakra and dive deeper into the actual problem.

We also can work on opening those chakras to let the energy flow freely again.
So our main focus should be on doing things that feel good to us. We should start to work on and with ourselves. We should try to look into our own minds and souls honestly and deeply to find out who we really are, without judging what we might find inside. To work with and to explore your own self is the longest journey you can ever make, and it’s so interesting what you find along the path.



We wanted to integrate the idea of chakra-work into our posts, because several themes can be assigned to certain chakras. Some post might be written by heart (heart chakra), some are made with passion, driven by self expression (sakral chakra) and some posts could even be inspired by universal mysteries and spirit science (crown chakra).
Here and there you will find some of these icons above on the site if we want to point out particularly which chakra we’re referring to in that particular post.

This post for example, we would label with the icon ‘I speak’ as we’re explaining something to you. Our throat chakra is active as we want to talk about what we know and communicate it to you. Now it’s your own choice if you want to receive the communicated or not.
That’s how chakras work. We often say that ” he or she is not ‘open’ ” to something. Now this sentence might make more sense to you, because the chakra of our counterpart cannot receive the information we are sending out, or the other way around.

If you have any questions, please leave us a comment below this post or send us an eMail.

Elaine Valerie & Isabelle Gloria


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