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Shadow of the Heart

Hello all!

The second part of our two-part series dedicated to the theme ‘light and shadows’ is a little darker than the first one.
In our last post Elaine talked about ‘light’ and how to find it. Today it’s Isabelle’s turn to tell you something about the ‘shadow sides’ of ourselves.
Read Elaine’s post about light HERE.

Everyone has darkness inside.
Deep inside there are beliefs about ourselves and the world around us that we are unaware of. Our subconscious mind has a very own version of reality which is mostly murky, twisted and trapped. Every person on this planet experienced some kind of trauma. Some people might experience extremer things than others do, but big or small – it is still trauma and it affects us.
Disappointments, hurtful experiences or failure make us question ourselves, make us suppress feelings. We are so afraid of our own emotions that we’re not even allowing them to surface, we don’t even want to feel them unless they’re not the accepted ‘happy emotions’. We tend to classify our emotions into good and bad ones. But how can an emotion be a bad emotion? First of all, it is just an emotion. It is us who judge it to be a bad or good one. Everything that gets pushed down from conscious to subconscious is not gone just because we’re not aware of it anymore. It became a shadow aspect of ourselves, a subconscious, false belief that works against us in secret.
It works against us not because it is evil, but because it attracts the very same thing that it emits. So… what would a suppressed negative emotion attract which you’re not even aware of? We are trained to not feel bad, but at the same time, everything gets thrown at us to MAKE us feel bad. News, pressure in school and jobs, a hierarchic society, money that measures people’s worth… We live in a fake reality where everyone pretends to have a perfect life, pretends to be happy, when in secret we all live our little miseries and are desperate for understanding and connection.
The world is in chaos. Emotionally, politically, economically.

I feel like the time has come to recognize our own worth, our own powers, our own nature to be CREATORS – not slaves to a system. So, watch your emotions, watch your thoughts. Make sure they’re your own and not just implanted or adopted from the mainstream. People are so easy to influence when they’re in fear. Just sort your thoughts on daily, ‘normal’ life. What does media tell us? What is communicated through TV shows, through news? Do they tell you that you are a being of light, something magical, someone who creates their own reality with thoughts?
No. No one ever told you and reading this lines you might even think it is just poetic drivel by a somewhat pretty girl. It is not. Everything in this universe is energy. Your thoughts, the screen you are looking at right now, you yourself. Everything. The energy that you feed the most becomes the most powerful, so powerful that is manifests into your life in some way.

Someone once told you that we live on a huge ball floating through endless space and we just don’t fall into the abyss because something called ‘gravity’ makes us stick on the surface… This actually might be true… But is sounds just as crazy as if I told you that you’re creating your own reality with your thoughts. But did you ever question the ‘floating ball theory’?
I’m not going to try to convince you about that right here, but I dare you to catch up on the fact that ‘thoughts create things.’

Let ALL of your emotions surface, don’t judge them right away. Be aware of your darkness inside, be aware of the feelings deep, deep inside of you. This is the first step to take control and not be controlled by them. Gaia, our planet earth and all the residents function as one huge collective. So, imagine if everyone would simply become in tune with their own emotions, if that passive aggressive state of mind that too many people hold would vanish, if they recognized their power to create good stuff with positive thoughts… imagine all the wonders that could happen.

We hope we could inspire you a little to think about the light and shadow aspects of your lives.
Lots of love and always choose the good thoughts.

Isabelle Gloria


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