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*Dress: Voodoo Vixen

Come, let us build our own paradise,
right there, in this brightest spot of light.

Let happiness be our premise,
and nothing ever be judged as wrong or right.

Let love take us to where there are no shadows anymore.
And let us be strong and delightful – evermore.

No darkness there to devour the mind,
where we know deep inside that we’re no longer blind.

Where there is no more riddle left to solve,
yet so much more to explore, and so much more to evolve.

We are creators, all of us.
All we need is just a little trust.

Let us build something beautiful on our own,
in this Garden of Eden, the place that we call home.



Hey there, darlings!

Finally it’s summertime! We girls love wearing our summer dresses, don’t we? I love my new pretty dress by Voodoo Vixen London with a cute maritime print.

We’ve got something special for you:
With the promotion code romance20 you get 20% off your order on http://www.voodoovixen.co.uk
Isn’t that great? : )

Have fun and lots of love to you!


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