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A salty Breeze

Hello lovelies!
I hope these new shots will give you some nice summer vibes! I went to beautiful Ibiza for some creative work and recharge. I have to say that I did quite a few projects with a lovely friend and I’m already excited to show you more soon… but of course we also enjoyed the beauty of the island, went skinny dipping at night, splashed into the pool and meditated at the beach… Dreamy! 🙂


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By The Beach

*dressing gown: Vive Maria Hello lovelies, Slowly but surely, spring is coming. Isn’t it wonderful to be able to eat breakfast outside, catching the first warm sun rays while sipping a delicious fruit smoothie? This wonderful ‘Blue Bird’ dressing gown by Vive…


Goodbye 2016

Hello lovelies, this is the last day in 2016. 2017 sounds so incredibly futuristic and we have a very special feeling about the turn of the year this time. 2017 feels like change, like transformation, personally and globally. We…

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Into the Woods

Hello there! We hope you all had a great Halloween! A little while ago we had a beautiful photo shoot with Cookie Van Cheesecake Fotografie, wearing adorable dresses by Miss Lovett. We’re totally in love with the results! ♡…