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Ancient Woods

Hello lovely people,

‘Back to the roots’ – that’s what I thought while posing for these photos! That dark, witchy gothic look reminded me so much of my teenage years when I walked around in something like this every single day. Smokey eyes, collars, fishnets, leather coats… sounds casual, doesn’t it? 😀 By now I became way too lazy to do a smokey eye every morning but the black heart still beats inside of my chest and I just love dark, mysterious looks…
I hope you guys like the photos as well!

We are planning so many new things right now, I’m more than excited to share them all with you soon!!!


Art & Photography Beauty & Style We love

Tell me a Fairytale

Hello dear readers! We’re back with some summery photos, reminding us of a true fairytale. Every artist needs a break sometimes, and so did we. We’ve been collecting our creative energy, motivation and drive to express ourselves via new…

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By The Beach

*dressing gown: Vive Maria Hello lovelies, Slowly but surely, spring is coming. Isn’t it wonderful to be able to eat breakfast outside, catching the first warm sun rays while sipping a delicious fruit smoothie? This wonderful ‘Blue Bird’ dressing gown by Vive…


Goodbye 2016

Hello lovelies, this is the last day in 2016. 2017 sounds so incredibly futuristic and we have a very special feeling about the turn of the year this time. 2017 feels like change, like transformation, personally and globally. We…

Art & Photography Collaborations Styles We love

Into the Woods

Hello there! We hope you all had a great Halloween! A little while ago we had a beautiful photo shoot with Cookie Van Cheesecake Fotografie, wearing adorable dresses by Miss Lovett. We’re totally in love with the results! ♡…