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Hello Lovelies,

As you might already know from past blog posts, we decided to go into a more spiritual direction with what we do artistically and job wise. The urge to share knowledge and inspire people in more than just an artistic way (which is still beautiful and essential) became stronger and the first step to move into that direction was imminent long ago. This first step is called Unlocked Heart and is our second blog together. We do not only see this as an online blog, it is a project that merges with everything we do, The Vintage Romance included. We don’t know what will grow out of it yet, but we put our heart in it and we hope you are all with us.
In the future, you can occasionally expect links to Unlocked Heart in our blog posts below our photo sets here on The Vintage Romance. Our posts on The Vintage Romance almost always have spiritual content. But we’re only scratching the surface. So, if you want to dive deeper, click those links that lead to Unlocked Heart and get a deeper insight of the very topic that’s communicated through our photos.

Also, feel free to follow Unlocked Heart regularly and join the journey to your heart.
Remember your light. Unlock your heart.

As a first insight, watch our intro video now:

Love and star dust, as always. ♥

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